Prom Blues

Twenty days ago, we embarked on ‘The best night of our lives’, prom. Well maybe in America it is, however it seems to be quite different here in the UK. Strange, cringy and simply inappropriate sexual games that involve teachers that you had respected for so long, not so great music and a lot of people you […]

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Losing our blogging virginity

Today, during a normal day out in town we shared a eureka moment and now it hasĀ led to this. Amongst other things we took new pictures for the blog and appreciated the architecture in Manchester City Centre. Whilst attempting new poses we were incessantly judged by onlookers who justĀ couldn’t understand our sass. However after a […]

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Welcome to our blog! Follow us; two teenage girls as we embark on the rest of our lives. During the supposedly ‘best summer of our lives’ (the break between high school and college) we found ourselves bored and seeking something to fill our time. And here we are with our very own blog. Following in […]