Prom Blues

Twenty days ago, we embarked on ‘The best night of our lives’, prom. Well maybe in America it is, however it seems to be quite different here in the UK. Strange, cringy and simply inappropriate sexual games that involve teachers that you had respected for so long, not so great music and a lot of people you dislike, extremely boring speeches presented by Head Boy and Head Girl who, evidently, are highly disliked by the majority as well as embarrassing photos from your early and may we say, ugly years. Prom Queen (and King) not taken nearly half as serious. Oh and nobody has a ‘date’ so to be honest, other than the name, it isn’t similar to what is presented on TV at all.

Aside the pessimism, don’t get us wrong, it was actually an amazing night! Would you believe it? Although the food didn’t even live up to the standard of homemade beans on toast and we ate the grand total of one chip between us, it was great to socialise (for a change.) Apart from the few fashion disasters that we do not wish to discuss, the majority made an effort and looked good, which was a bonus as they didn’t ruin the group pictures that were later put on Instagram (obviously!). But we both agree that the best part of the night was getting ready, the excitement of putting on a new dress with sassy shoes was overwhelming. In a fitting Kim K style we sat back and relaxed as our hair, make up and nails were done professionally. We well and truly believed we were getting ready to attend a highly couture fashion event. Yes. It was that serious!

Getting ready-


We know what your thinking, is that a model? No, it’s just Aysha, but it’s an easy mistake to make.

Next, accessories, the second most important aspect of a fashion statement. The most essential being: shoes and a bag, and jewellery was not required (we went for the minimalistic look) but obviously nails were a necessity.

Ellie’s Bag-

Fantastic and frilly, this bag added a vintage twist to Ellie’s simply chic dress. It added a hint of colour to what otherwise would’ve looked appropriate for a funeral.

  • Ellie’s bag- London market

Aysha’s nails-

These nude acrylics were a classy choice for a classy lady. Aysha opted not to go for the two inch long sparkly pink claws that a few others preferred, however we choose to not associate with said people.

Ellie’s shoes-

Six inch killer heels, and I mean killer. Dancing the night away in these was not an easy task and I have two left feet at the best of times! However when you’re 5 ft 3 (at best) you have to make some sacrifices and you know what they say “pretty hurts” (when we say they, we mean Beyoncé {Queen B} )and for sure it does!

  •  Ellie’s heels- ASOS

Anyway enough about our fabulous accessories. Lets get back to us, since clearly you all must be on the edge of your seats, both apprehensive and excited about seeing our sassy dresses and how fabulous we looked. Again I must stress, although you may mistake us for models *ha* I promise we are just normal teenagers. Also, no, Aysha is not related to Beyoncé I know the resemblance is uncanny.

Spoiler alert: our souls aren’t as black as our dresses. Oh, and also, we usually don’t match this was a rare occasion so lets not judge the twinning.


   Aysha turned heads in a floor length Sherri Hill gown. The detailed bodice accentuated her flat chest and her flowing skirt masterfully hid her chunky legs. As you guessed yes Ellie did write that, the green monster makes you say nasty things sometimes.

  • Aysha’s dress- Sherri Hill


    Ellie strutted her stuff in a hand made couture gown (she has connections okay). The dress was figure hugging and featured intricate lace beading, one section at the back was transparent as she didn’t want to leave everything to the imagination.

  • Ellie’s dress- Couture

Writing this we both definitely have a bad case of the prom blues, wishing we could do it all over again. Our expensive dresses will probably fail to leave the house again and our bodies will only go south (literally) from here on in. Prom was most likely the best we ever have and ever will look, so enjoy! That’s unless one of you want to invite us to a star studded, black tie event which we’d be more than happy to graciously attend.  If not, we’d simply appreciate any comments and feedback you have, thank all and good night!


35 thoughts on “Prom Blues

  1. Omg girls, you both looked amazing!! Aysha, love your make-up and nails, I just adore it! Ellie, your hair is to die for!
    So beautiful dresses, so classy and fabulous..
    And I love the way you write! I’ll follow your posts for a long time, that’s sure! Kisses :* :*

    Liked by 1 person

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